• Hand Cultivator
  • Grass Rake
  • Cape Cod Weeder
  • Hand Claw
  • Hoes

  • Watering Wand
  • Watering Can
  • Sprinklers
  • Plant Moisture Meter
  • Garden Hose

  • Gardening Hat
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Knee Pads
  • Eye Glasses
  • Mask

Don’t Worry you don’t need to buy all of those tools. We Just classified which tools are for which task.

Now, here are some basic gardening tools for beginners that every beginner should own! 

Essential Gardening Hand Tools

Hand Pruner (Pruning Shears or Secateurs)


Hand pruners are also called pruning shears, or secateurs. These are kind of scissors that are used to prune plants. In terms of functions, these are must-have tools for pruning small tree branches and stems.

On the basis of blade design, there are 3 types of pruners available- Bypass, Anvil, and Parrot-beak pruners. To get a clean cut I always recommend bypass pruner from the three of them.


The hori-hori gardening knife is a Japanese multi-purpose knife that is built with a combination of two sharp edges. Usually, it’s used for digging and cutting. Sometimes it’s called “soil knife” or “weeding knife” as well.

It’s the most beneficial tool for the gardener. You can use it as a digging tool, a seed planting tool, or a cutting tool.

Hand RakeHand-rake

This is a tool that you might have seen in every gardener’s toolbox, which is called hand rake. Hand rake uses are particularly for removing weeds and preparing a small area to seed. You can also use it for leveling and loosening the soil as well.

Hand Shovel/Transplanter

Hand transplanter

The transplanter is the best friend of the beginner gardener! it facilitates the planting of plants. It is also the perfect tool for transplanting, mixing, and spreading compost and fertilizer.

Bulb  Planter

bulb planter

It is specially designed to make holes at the right depth and diameter for planting bulbs.

Do you have these three tools?

Ok sounds good but not enough to start gardening. You obviously need some long-handled garden tools. We’ll discuss them in the following section. Keep reading- 

Essential Long-Handled Gardening Tools

Bow Rakebow-rake

It’s a soil manipulation tool with a long handle. It can be used for smoothing or breaking up soil compaction construction, spreading mulch around trees, and also leveling areas.

Digging Forkdigging-fork

Digging fork uses are targetted for loosening, lifting, and turning over soil. In a small area, it’s very efficient for changing the composition of the soil and compost.

Pruner (Lopping Shears)


Again pruner? But this time, you need a long-handled pruner that helps you to cut branches and stems that are out of your hand reach. Branches and limbs that are at a height can be dealt with this bigger version of the pruner, also called lopping shears. 

Round-Headed ShovelRound-Headed-Shovel

All of the earthmoving jobs like manipulating soil, sand, compost can be done by the sturdy round-headed shovel. Also, use for digging large holes for planting, this tool is a must-to-have kit. It would be better to get a round-headed shovel from the many types of shovels available in the market. 

Digging BarDigging-Bar

Before beginning plantation, you need to clear debris from soil and also need to remove bulky roots or stumps. The digging bar is a very efficient garden tool to complete this type of gardening tasks.

You need some essential gardening tools to care for your plant and yourself. We would call it the safety concerns of a gardener. 

In the last part, you will know the essential gardening tools that are needed for the safety of you and your garden.

Essential Watering And Safety tools

Garden Hose with Adjustable NoseGarden-hose

If you own a garden, I think you already own a garden hose as well. To keep the moisture balance up, you need a garden hose to supply water to your garden. Personally, I like the Coiled types of garden hoses for getting the facility to store and transport. 

Water Wandwater-wand

At the end of the hose, you’ve to equip a watering device, knows as the water wand. With the help of Water Wand, you can water on either a specific or a broad area.  Therefore, it can be your helping hand in avoiding wasting water with the help of this gardening tool.

Gardening HatGardening-hat

Sunburn protection is absolutely important in the garden That’s why you need to have one of the best gardening hat which can easily protect your skin from sunburn

Gardening GlovesGardening-gloves

You always need to protect your hand while working in the garden. Therefore, hand gloves are the kit to provide essential hand protection. Many types of gardening gloves are available for the gardener. I like synthetic leather gloves for durability, however.

Knee Padsknee-pads

Knee pads are designed to protect your knee from rough/hard surfaces, moisture, and cold.

Two types of knee pads are available. One type of pad is placed on the ground and you have to kneel on it. Another is attached to your knees. Two types are most effective but I prefer the second type of knee pad for its portability option.

How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools?

 Three essential criteria to choose the right gardening tools:

Last Word

You still reading, right? Thanks for going through the whole list of essential gardening tools for beginners. Over time, you’ll figure out what do you want for your gardening and lawn maintenance chores. Good luck until then!


Essential Gardening Tools For Beginner Gardeners 

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